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Our Fees.

For removing your business rates our service is charged in advance for the year (cheapest option) or can be paid in 30 day instalments based on your preferred option. Our standard fee is 25% of your business rates payable so is therefore dependant on the size and type of property. The savings that you can make are dependent on the service, or combination of services you use, however we consistently achieve 75-100% relief from rates.

There are no additional fees for using our service.

Example case studies highlighting how our service works with fees and savings included:

30,000 Sq ft warehouse in Middlesbrough

The owner of a warehouse in Middlesbrough had been paying business rates on his vacant property for six months. The landlord wanted to reduce the empty property rates but continue marketing the premises.

After a friend referred him to Rapid Rates Relief we discussed the best payment option.  He decided that the best payment option would be monthly and we sent him a quote for £391 a month based on our calculations:

  1. The rates payable over the 6 months would have been £9,400 (He would have paid £1,566 a month)
  2. We use our schemes to remove his liability and send him a quote for £391 instead.
  3. After a twelve month vacant period the total saving was £7,050 in 6 months.

52,000 Sq ft mill in Manchester

The landlord of a 52,000 sq ft mill was looking for a solution to reduce his annual empty property rates bill which stood at a massive £91,500.00 per year. As the landlord knew that the premises would be vacant for more than a year he took our cheapest option of an upfront annual payment.

At Rapid Rates Relief we were able to offer him a total yearly saving of £77,775 by introducing our services.

1,890 Sq ft Office in Newcastle

The owner of a vacant office in Newcastle contacted us after being referred by a friend. The owners was in between leasing on their office and had secured a new tenant who was due in 6 months. So as not to trigger empty property rates and to reduce company profit loss, the landlord called on the services offered by Rapid Rates Relief. These were attractive due to the ability to cancel the arrangement when a new tenant arrived.

  1. The 1890 Sq ft property had rates payable of £8,972
  2. We agreed the option payment £785 a month due in full after the 6 month period.
  3. The total saving for the 6 months was £3,701

1,583 Sq ft Retail Premises in Durham

The landlord was optimistic that a tenant would be found for the premises and had therefore not previously sought a solution because she did not want to commit to a long-term arrangement on a property that could be let at any time. She was attracted to Rapid Rates Relief because of our ability to cancel the tenancy at short notice should another tenant be found.

  1. The rates payable on this property over a year would be £31,330 (£2,610 a month)
  2. As the landlord was optimistic she choose to pay this in monthly installments. Rapid Rates Relief managed to remove her empty property rates completely and then sent an invoice each month for a fee of £652
  3. A tenant was found after 8 months she had a total saving of £15,659 for that period. The new tenants moved in a few days after our agreement was terminated and normal operations were resumed.

Rapid Rates Relief can GUARANTEE to successfully remove or reduce your rateable value on your property with NO RISK of incurring costs or increased rates.

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