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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions on empty property business rates and liability can be found below, but please get in touch to discuss the finer details of our scheme.

About the scheme..

How much can be saved by using rapid rates relief service?

100% of our empty property relief projects achieve successful relief of rates. With our help and experience we can save you between anywhere up to 100% of your current empty building rates liability, but no lower than 75%.

Do the schemes work in all cases?

All properties we work on receive relief from their business rates as we have various different schemes which fit into your situation.

Are the products offered 100% legal?

Yes! We work completely within the law as we look to take advantage of the current law and make use of the exemptions offered. 

Have you any proof that it works?

Yes we have case studies for many of our clients and can provide references on request.

Do we have to accept tenants sourced by Rapid Rates Relief?

All final decisions sit with the landlord on any tenants found by us.  Your property will be actively marketed to low disturbance businesses and it is likely there will be more than 1 business option to choose from.

What types of property qualify for rapid rates relief?

We offer rapid property rates relief (empties and properties still in use) across a full range of commercial properties; warehouses, factories, offices, pubs & clubs and other commercial properties.

Does the property have to be over a certain size?

No our schemes are suitable for both large and small property sizes in need of reducing their business rates.

About you..

Who is liable to pay empty property rates?

Some of our schemes include providing low disturbance occupants who are liable for rates or in other schemes finding new functions for your property, so you pay lower property rates. 

Can I still gain access to my property?

You will retain the keys and no one will have access to the premises without you or your express permission.

What happens when I sell or find a new lease?

We are happy for you to request an immediate end to our service. We will just need a few hours after your notice to formally end the process. We will aim to do this within the same working day.

Will I be able to continue marketing the property as available to let?

You a free to continue marketing your property in the same way without any disturbance from the new service.