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Reduce your property rates burden.

We provide a realistic opportunities to reduce your business rates liability.  Our schemes fit around your needs and is an effective solution for property owners struggling with business property rates.

Economic Pressure?

If your are a commercial landlords having to endure high business rates there are realistic opportunities to reduce your rates liability. 

Failed Appeals?

Options such as business rates appeals and mitigations can take a lot of time, likely to fail and legal fees will increase your overall costs. 

Our solution

Rapid Rates Relief have an alternative solution which can guarantee to remove 75-100% of your property rates liability.

No Access

Unlike rates appeals & mitigation strategies we generally do not need access to your property.



Our strategy can be run indefinitely, is non-obtrusive and, as the landlord, you will retain full access and can continue to market the property

Rapid Relief

Our strategies can be implemented immediately, and work around your individual needs and circumstances. All we require are a couple of signatures and you can be saving money within 24 hours.



Law Abiding

The strategy abides by the law. The occupier of your property is also liable for any costs and legal challenges during their residency, not the landlord. 


No Fees

We work on a NO WIN / NO FEE guarantee basis & our fee structure is based on a percentage of the empty property rates saved.